Trey Smith is a 14 year U.S. Air Force Veteran and also a certified Fitness/Nutrition Specialist.  He founded  the Lifestyle brand Alpha Omega Athletics® after realizing a need for an authentic brand in an inauthentic fitness industry.  He is an honor graduate from the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) in Orlando Florida and is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Smith Advanced Nutrition

He is also the owner-operator of the nutrition consulting firm, Smith Advanced Nutrition Enterprise (SANE)  He has a burden to spread a message of positivity to an otherwise negative world by any means necessary.  His ultimate goal is to use this platform to not only inspire and motivate others but also give mental tools, tactics and technique in order to prepare other people for success.

In Trey Smith’s words

“It all started with a vision; a philosophy that is embodied in 3 simple words: Progress not Perfection.  This ideology is the pillar of our campaign.  Everyday we are improving, one step at a time, constantly adjusting, learning from our mistakes and striving to be the best US we can be.  We are not concerned with the societal definition of perfection or the quintessential Alpha male or female, for it was written, The last shall be first and the first last.” It begins with You.  It ends with You. Constant improvement, never giving up. As time goes on, the culture of Fitness has become more and more superficial and intimidating.  Social media has played a huge role in reducing the positive aspects of fitness such as perseverance, self-improvement and hard work.

Now More than Ever

Now more than ever, the “Aesthetic” visual appeal of fitness is the dominant force.  From the 6-pack abs that the guys all want to the hour glass shaped bodies that the ladies crave, society has now defined what it “looks like” to be fit.  I created Alpha Omega Athletics because I wanted to serve as  something that others could identify with.  This is more than just a “clothing line”, this is a lifestyle brand.  We will continue giving back to the community.  We will continue spreading this positive message.

Trey Smith’s dream

My dream is this:  What if we were able to do enough positive deeds to touch EVERYONE, requesting only that each person pay it forward?  How much better would this world be?  It starts with us.  It ends with us.  Your journey, your dreams, your vision…ALL  is contingent on YOU and how hard you are willing to work in order to achieve it.  So with that being said, lets get to work.”

-Trey Smith